Lashed Impressions
Eyelash Extensions & Professional Makeup Artistry

About Us

I completed training and received certification for Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions and Professional Make Up Artistry from ACAS Academy in Boca Raton, FL in the spring of 2010.


I am a woman with grown children and I had been looking for a new career to pursue.  I have worked in the accounting field for most of my life so I never thought the cosmetic industry was something that I would enjoy, however...

My former training had given me the ability to focus on the attention to detail that is required for this kind of lash extension work.

Shortly after completing my studies and with a lot of support from family and friends, I began Lashed Impressions.

In keeping with my desire to help people help themselves, make up was the next logical step in my studies.  I am now offering make up services.  It can be fun and frivolous or a more serious learning experience.


I was inspired to learn about eyelash extensions when I had them applied for the first time by my sister.  She was always more into the make up thing than I and so she would introduce the new trends to me.  Check out Joni's Foni's Eyelash Extensions to see some of my sister's work and visit her when you travel through Maryland.

I was totally impressed with the results.  I woke up with beautiful eyelashes the next morning!!!  I was amazed that I didn't need mascara, just some lip gloss and I was ready to face the world.  It made a huge  difference in my appearance but looked entirely natural.

That was really something but when I saw how my mother looked (she had lost a lot of her lashes due to radiation and chemotherapy) that was the final push for me.  It was only a matter of months before I looked into becoming certified. 
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